10-Strike LANState Personal

10-Strike LANState Personal 6.2

10-Strike LANState Personal is a network monitoring and mapping software
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LANState Personal is a simplified version of LANState Standard. LANState Personal is recommended for usage in IP networks. It contains no Windows remote administration features, but network mapping and monitoring functionality remain.10-Strike LANState is a network mapping, monitoring, management, and administration software solution for corporate Microsoft Windows networks.LANState generates the network map, which speeds up accessing to remote hosts' properties and resources, and managing those. The program also includes a number of useful features for obtaining information on remote computers.LANState has rich host-monitoring functionality with multiple types of host checks, which allows you to see the state of your network at any time. The program displays a network map, monitoring device's state (active/inactive) in real-time. You just click a tray icon at any time, and see which servers and computers are switched on, and which do not respond. Employing LANState makes it essentially easier to administer and monitor processes in networks of any ranges or sizes.Program's Benefits:LANState builds a network map automatically by scanning Windows network neighborhood or IP-address range. Save your network map for future use, print it, export it to a bitmap file. You do not have to pay for quantity of controlled devices. I.e., if you monitor 10 or 500 devices, the price will be the same. You do not have to pay additional money for technical support. And the most important. The package does not require installing any components on remote servers and workstations. Import custom backgrounds for more evident network map's look. Access and manage remote devices in a couple of clicks, using LANState's visual network map. You are able to shut down, restart, and turn on servers and workstations, access remote services and resources, view remote event logs, access remote registry, list processes, devices, NT services, and so on. Link e...

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